Engagement makeup

Engagement makeup is the makeup, which is neither as light as party makeup nor as heavy as bridal makeup. It can either be done by using basic products or even specialized techniques. It all depends on a lot of factors, like a choice of product, engagement theme, and your makeup habit. It’s in between makeup of special Party makeup and bridal makeup. so it can be done by combining both party and bridal makeup. 

Your engagement looks are really meant to first introduce yourselves as a newly engaged couple—looking like yourself is highly important.


With an elaborate hairstyle, you can go with natural-looking makeup. If you plan to go bold with the makeup, ensure that your hairstyle and outfits fit in seamlessly with the entire ensemble instead of standing out. 


o’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio offers you the possible best makeup service according to your requirements on your life’s best day. From pretty and dainty to bold and glam, from soft and gorgeous to elegant and exceptional we offer you all kinds of makeup look for your engagement. 

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