About Us

Welcome to O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio, where your Beauties and Boldness are our best needs. 

O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio is renowned for recognizing individuals to depend on to have their every Beauty needs to be met. In the entirety of our team members, we search for Excellence in all cases, energy for their work, and an authentic want to give the “endowment of Beauty”.

Our vision is to be your perfect grooming partner and provide quality Nails care, Hair care, Skin care, Makeup service, Cosmetics, and Beautician training at an affordable price.  

We use items that enable us to take into account the particular needs of every single customer. We offer items that are deductively figured by the most noteworthy review of characteristic fixings.

O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio isn’t simply one more magnificent site. Our staff goes well beyond our devotion to client benefit.


O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio exists to provide “Good”  Nails & Beauty Care services. We take an advanced AI and innovative approach to Print on your Nails, that makes connect your desire and results. “Good Nails Don’t lie”.

Through personalized and focused service processes, our Mission is to make your personality meaningfully good and give you a perfect look. Our success depends on our attention to the satisfaction of our clients. We don’t succeed unless our clients are satisfied. Our mission is to be “your Perfect Grooming Partner”.

Why O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio?

“So Many  Beauty Salons, so few able to Provide the Quality Services.”

It is possible to make your personality look even more beautiful and stylish with different quality services. Beauty is self-confidence applied directly to the Face, Hair, and Nails. Your personality would help you to make it look unique and meaningful in the best way. You need to make sure that good efforts are made in finding the ultimate source that would help in making it possible to make your Nails, Skin, and Hair look beautiful. So, your own right amount of effort is required that would never make you find disappointed at all. Getting hold of the right source for O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio would help in a good way to feel that it has been your ultimate selection that you have been able to make in the best way. You would really be able to find that you have got the perfect one that can help in exceeding your expectations.


0’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio is located in Chabahil, kathmandu, 2nd floor, in front of Ganeshthan.

O’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio provides all kind of Cosmetics products,  Nail, Skin, Hair, Makeup/ Bridal Makeup service, Home service, Mehendi art and Beautician Trainings.

Please visit our website, then you will find a Book an appointment button in homepage, Please fill out the necessary information and book your appointment. you can also book an appointment directly through the phone call and through Facebook, Google and Instagram message. Please call +9779863027205 for appointment.

o’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio opens Sunday to Saturday, at 10Am and closes at 6PM. For Home service and Special service, our service time may change according to the situation.

o’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio accept direct Cash payment, E-Wallet transfer and Bank transfer.

o’2 Nails Nepal & Beauty Studio offers advance Nail & beauty Salon startup package. You can start your own Nail & Beauty Salon, or you can become a Freelance Manicurist  after having training with us. Please visit our office or  go to the Join us section of our website and fill out an inquiry form. Our team will contact you soon. 

yes, we accept walk-ins.

yes, we charge extra fees for Home Service. Our Home Service fee may change according to your location, Service type, service time and number of customer.

Yes, you can print any photo, Text, Quotes, Art, Texture, Color, Stickers, Wishing and Matching Couple / Family Nails. 

You can park  2 wheeler for free around our studio, If you have a 4 wheeler, parking space have to be managed, please inform us prior if you’re coming in 4 wheeler.

The process of ordering cosmetics is as same as ordering goods from other E-Commerce Websites. Please go to the Shop section of our website, search the materials name you wand to order and complete the required order process.

We offer complimentary consultations, and can make recommendations to fit your wants and needs. Whether you are looking for a skin care product line to use at home, or have specific needs for a salon  treatment, we are always available to answer your questions.

Children are welcome as long as they are scheduled for services. If not, we ask that you respect the other guests’ peace and quiet by leaving your children at home. This also allows you time for yourself to enjoy your services.