Casual makeup

Your skin color is the canvas on which all your make-up goes. So if the canvas is a different color, it makes sense that the make-up might be a bit different too.

When it comes to makeup, it is never easy. you’re always in a dilemma of how much and what kinds of makeup to wear. we don’t know the proper measurement of the right makeup. your everyday makeup depends upon various factors like time, weather, season, outfits, your skin type, and what kinds of programs you’re attending. Fashion doubts itself especially when you’re dressing up for a casual event. Maybe a brunch or attending a get-together in sunny hours. you certainly can’t go dazzling in your shimming outfits wearing bold makeup.

 However no matter how casual your program is there are going to be people pulling off the no-makeup makeup looks and then you might just end up looking like you came straight from your bed. For situations like these, when you don’t know how to wear the right makeup on your casual yet outing wear, we have come up with a simple guide for you so that we assure you will look perfect on your day!


Steps of doing perfect Casual Makeup

  •  Consider a moisturizing makeup prep & primer.
  • Begin by concealing dark circles around the eyes and any scars, spots, or marks on the face.
  • Choose a light foundation or compact powder matching skin tone, if wearing one.
  • Do contouring and highlighting as necessary. 
  • Use a dark-colored eyeliner to make your Eyes pop dramatically.
  • Use neutral-colored eye shadow, or none at all, for a casual look.
  • Groom the eyebrows to shape your face and eyes. 
  • Apply a good mascara, working up from the base of the lashes for the best results.
  • Keep the blush light and rosy, only adding a little along with cheekbones for a pinkish glow.
  • Use a nice, rosy lip gloss or stick to complete the casual, killer look.
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