Hair Perm

Generally, Hair Perming is adding wave texture to hairs. Hair Perming is a chemical treatment used to alter your hair’s natural texture to a curl or wave. texture. Hair Perm is short for permanent hairstyles because they are—well—permanent. The chemical process permanently alters your hair’s structure from straight to curly. 

Hair Perming works best on virgin hair—hair that has never been dyed or chemically treated in any other way. If you have dry hair, hair that has been damaged from styling tools, or color-treated hair that is fed up, hair artists would suggest that you avoid getting a perm.


Hair Perming Process

There are different methods of Hair Perming. Perming with the chemical and rods is more popular, where straight hair is wrapped around rods, a perm solution is applied, and the rods heat up to activate the perm—restructuring your hair’s follicles with heat. You can get perms with all kinds of hair except very short hair.

The Hair perm is a bit softer and more relaxed. Where hair artists use to wrap your hair around tiny uniform rods, they now use a variant of roller sizes to give your perm a more natural look. They will even wrap your hair around the cloth to give your perm a super-soft wave. Many try to achieve this look every day, but the nice thing about a perm is the minimal maintenance or work after having the process done. Hair Perming is a  good hairstyle, with comparatively less effort.


Hair Perming Studio for you

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