Press on Nails

Press on nails

Press-on nails, also known as glue-on nails, were super popular in the late 90’s/early ’90s. They are artificial, acrylic nails that are already made up; the client simply has to glue them onto the top of their natural nail.

They do not require a long commitment – like acrylic nails – and celebrities in the last few years have really been promoting them while on set/photo shoots. 

Nowadays press-on has become really advanced and a ‘hot new trend’.

  • Length and shape – Not only are there cute short and classic round/square nails available but there are long coffin/pointy designs on the market.
  • No more quick-fix – In the past, press-on used to be associated with a quick fix prior to an interview. Today, most press-on consumers tend to want them for that fun weekend they have planned. Think of a fancy dress event or birthday with long black pointy nails to really finish the look. Press-on Nails provide the added advantage of being able to remove them in time for them as you want.

What are the benefits? 

  • Press-on nails are super affordable! Many retail from Rs.200 for simpler nails with prices increasing the more intricate the design.
  • Time – it takes less than 10 minutes to apply, from start to finish.
  • They are very easy to remove leaving no damage to the nails.
  • They come in an assortment of shapes, lengths, colors, and designs. 

Unfortunately, they are not as resilient as acrylic enhancements. However, if looked after well they can last up to two weeks. 

How to self-apply:

  1. Lay out the nails and starting with the little finger, measure each nail to make sure each press-on fits correctly (it helps to lay them out on a flat surface);
  2. Make sure the hands are clean and prepped (no oils, cream, or old varnish)
  3. Using the glue that comes with the kit, put a circle of glue onto the middle of the nail and press on the artificial nail from top to bottom. Apply enough glue so it spreads evenly but makes sure it doesn’t spill out.
  4. Repeat step 3 until all nails are applied.
  5. Allow up to 5mins for the glue to dry, once completely dried you can wash your hands from any residue. Now the press on Nails applies process is completed.


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