Print On Nails

Apart from the face, it is that hand that catches the attention first. Whenever you meet someone you often notice their face and their hand. A well-maintained hand not just makes your personality, impressive, but it says a lot about the person.

Earlier manicures and nail paint were considered good practice, but now there is a lot more to do, especially with the nails. From simple contrast color designs to amazing designs anything can be carved on nails and with the digital nail art printer, you can try unique designs. This nail art printer is the future of Nail Art.

The O’2 Nails Printer works by printing on natural or artificial nails. It can be controlled directly through the mobile. There are thousands of Nail art designs, from which you can choose your best and get printed on your nails. You can print any art, any text, any texture, washings, and photos on your nails.

O'2 Nail Printing Machine

What if you could now print anything onto your fingernails? This new little device called the O’2nails Digital Nail Art Printer lets you do just that. It’s a portable nail printer that you can customize with any design or image of your choosing, and instantly get it printed onto one, some, or all of your fingernails. The device’s automatic detection is able to identify your fingernail’s shape and size ensuring the automatic alignment of the picture or pattern on your nail.

This nail art printer is wirelessly controlled by the mobile.  The app provides countless international nail art design options with new styles added every week. Styles can be mixed and matched to create a one-of-a-kind finished product.


How does Nail Printing Machine work?

Like any good manicure, the first step is making sure your nail is clean and free of any oils. You will then paint your base coat color and a Gel polish is recommended. Once dry, you will then put on the Print Gel nail polish which is oil-based and will help the printed design adhere. Then the fun part – using the app to pick your nail design(s). Once selected, you put your finger in and press the slider down. Printing will take 25-30 seconds. When done you can remove your finger, peel off the skin protector, and cure with an LED light for 60-120 seconds.

The final step is to apply a top gel coating and cure with an LED light for another 60 seconds and wah !– you have a gorgeous new manicure that all your friends will be envious of.  Visit now O’2 Nails Nepal  & Beauty Studio for an Exciting  Digital Nail art experience.

Let Your Nail Tell Them About Yourself


Share your words, your hobbies, your interests, your special days, and your every feeling through your Nails. You can wish someone on their special day by wishing through your nails. You can print on your nails whether they’re short or small in size. Let them know who you’re, what you’re feeling, and how you’re doing: through your nails.

There are lots of things you can do on your Nails through the Nail Printing Machine, such as:

  • Text Art print
  • Birthday/Anniversary / Festivals wishing
  • Special Event and Occasions Nail Print
  • Unique Bridal Nail designing
  • Your Passion/accomplishments and Memories Name print
  • Color and Texture print
  • Background print
  • Stickers and Emojis print
  • Your to-do and Affirmations print
  • Typography and Calligraphy Print
  • Couple Nail Print
  • Flowers/Animals print
  • Any of your photos from your mobile gallery and many more…

So many nail art designs, so few fingers.